Ground Zero Plutonium Reference

7", 100W RMS, High End, EISA

Ground Zero Plutonium Reference 7", 100W RMS, High End, EISA Ground Zero Plutonium Reference 7", 100W RMS, High End, EISA
27 000,-
Nettlager: Bestillingsvare (18 dager)

Eisa vinner 2012-13 High-End produkt

GZPK Reference 180:
  • 18 cm / 7 "midwoofer med tre-faseplugg
  • Håndlaget i Europa og valgt i par
  • Belagt kompositt papercone
  • Hybrid magnet (keramisk + neodym)
  • Håndlaget 1" kobber talespole
  • Aluminium spole form
  • håndlaget aluminium- stabil kurv
  • Inkludert grill

GZPT Reference 28:
  • 28 mm / 1 "spesialbelagt SQ Silkdome diskant
  • Håndlaget i Europa og valgt i par med vedtatt volum
  • Kobber ring for å senke forvrengning
  • Håndlaget kobber talespole
  • Aluminum spole form
  • Aluminium innkapsling

GZPX Reference 2-way:
  • 2-veis crossover
  • "Made in Germany"
  • Mundorf Mcap® RXF og copperfoil inductors
  • individuelle tilpasninge



Testreferat fra Car & HiFi 4/08:

" - The music almost "jumps at you" when playing these speakers... It is unbelievable how natural it sounds... if you open your eyes you are disappointed, because you can not see the singer you think standing in front of you when listening to his voice... You can easily imagine how big or small the room has been, where the music has been recorded... it is all clear and perfect, so you have a "picture" in your head... It takes a while to get used to the sound of this speaker system and due to the pretty low Qts of the midrange (Qts 0.29) some will miss a little of the very low bass, but you get the most precise kick bass ever... High-End listeners will smile when listening to these speakers..."
High-End 7" (18cm) høyttalersett fra Ground Zero. Dette er helt i toppnivå av hva du får av høyttalere i bil. EISA-vinner for beste High-End produkt. Selv de mest High-End kresne vil smile og nikke anerkjennende til disse.


Effekt maks 150W
Effekt RMS 100W
Frekvensområde 40 Hz - 30.000 Hz
Følsomhet 88 dB
Impedanse (Ohm) 4 Ohm
Inkludert grill / gitter Ja
Monteringsdybde 68 mm